Monday, 13 October 2014

Baby Dress Camille for Shania

My sweet little girl Shania is off to Indore to visit her grandparents and to attend the wedding of her Aunt. I wanted to make something for her before she left, something very pretty . I started my hunt on the internet and I came across this dress , I immediately fell in love with it. Now I knew what I had to make for my Shonu ( I call her Shonu ). I wanted to make it in the same color combination so I rushed to the store the very same day and luckily got  a some what similar shade of pink color ( It is actually pink but in the photos it looks like peach ) in Laura Knitting Cotton Collection. I was so much eager to make the dress that I left all my work and started my project I completed the dress the same night.

After completing it I was waiting to see if it fits her properly because I was getting a lot of negative comments that it wont fit her , I had made it with so much love and was positive that it will definitely fit her and it did fit her but the length was a little short so I had to increase it by two more rounds, she was looking so pretty after wearing it ( Sorry I couldn't get good pictures of her with the dress).

She is gone for a month and I am already missing her. Shonu come back soon.

Monday, 6 October 2014

The colorful earplug - Part II

Recently a friend of mine came across one of my post “The colorful earplug” , he was so impressed by it that he immediately wanted the same to be done to his earphone. He wanted it to be in the colors of Bob Marley ( Green, Yellow and Red ) and luckily yarn with this combination was available at the store,  I was saved the tension of working with three different colors.

After the makeover the earphone looked much more cooler than the one I had made for myself I didn't feel like giving it back to him.

All my cousins are now behind me do it for them, I think I will be surrounded with earphones for a while now.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Story of a Ringworm

Hello friends I am back and after a long time... I had been going through a tough time for a while, maybe it is not a big problem or maybe I am taking it too seriously... Its been more than a month now that I had got a mosquito bite on my hand and I had scratched it, it became a rash, a kind of small circle had formed, I applied Betnovate to it and it subsided but after a few days a bigger circle had formed around the smaller one.. I decided to see a Doctor for this, the doctor informed me its just a case of contact dermatitis, a kind of allergy he gave me heavy antibiotics which made me drowsy, the whole day I felt nauseous, my mouth became dry... I had put complete faith in my doctor and was having the medicines sincerely but the circle was spreading outwards, becoming bigger and bigger..Many people told me that it maybe a ringworm by the looks of it. I too felt it must be a ringworm but my doctor strictly told me it is not.... After a month of taking heavy medicines with no positive result I lost faith in the doctor....I was so upset about this thing, I didn't feel like blogging or crochet or anything creative as this thing dominated my mind the entire time.... 

My father had asked me to go to a famous Hakim ( A physician using traditional remedies) Mulla Abdul Husain Bakri Malampatiwala, these guys are treating skin diseases since more than 100 years now I had heard a lot of praise about them by many people and I decided to go to him and I am so glad I took this decision. He informed me that this is actually a ringworm, he gave me a cream to apply on my hand, it is six days now that I am applying this cream and this thing has started to subside I am just praying to God that it goes off completely so that I can concentrate on other things.

I was having Pringles yesterday and thought of recycling the tin and diverting my mind by doing something creative. I wrapped it with yarns of different shades , I used fabric glue to stick the yarn around the tin. It now sits on my table holding my hooks.

Looking  forward  to more of such creative fun. I have so many projects which I need to start because of this ringworm I have wasted a lot of my time and need to get back on track. I am trying to catch up with all my blogger friends I am so sorry was not able to visit you guys but now I am back in action. 



P.S. Please pray for me so that my hand is free from this ringworm infection.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Baby caps and a no phone day

While I was rushing for office today, I left my cell phone at home and so its "a no phone day" today ...As soon as I got in the bus I realized I have left my phone at home.....Yes it did upset me for a while but later on I thought lets see how a day goes by without using a cell phone, an experiment of a sort.. This incidence made me realize a small phone makes a lot of difference in our lives , cell phones have made life so easy... Now no more worrying about the cell phone episode and lets move on.... 

I made a few baby caps yesterday for all those who had requested it.... I made two of these caps in the same color combination one for a friends daughter and one for my cousin's daughter..

This owl cap was there on my to-do list for a while.. This one is for the guy who runs the mess in my office, its for his Son. He was requesting me for a cap since a long time..... I loved the expression on his face of disbelief and happiness..

How could I not make one for my darling baby Shania... I made her this turban  cap... I am sure she is going to love it... I found the pattern for this turban cap here 

Lastly I would like to share that I made some whole wheat chocolate pancakes yesterday with the recipe Pradeepa of The lazy Hobbyhopper had shared on her blog... Thank you so much Pradeepa for the lovely recipe I enjoyed making them and  my family loved it.......


It's a Basket again...

Yes !!! it is a basket again... I told you it is addictive...I will have to stop myself otherwise I will end up making a lot of them..Hopefully my next project will be something else... Maybe the baby cap I made for Shania , it is in great demand , many of them have requested for the cap and it will be rude not to fulfill them.

I have made this in same colors as Shania's cap, I am in love with this combo..

How lovely it feels to sit down with some crochet , it really relaxes me,  all problems disappear for a while...

 There are lots of things on my crochet to-do list this basket was one on my list, therefore, I am very glad I made it...I hope the same way I will  finish off making the others too on my list...



Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Basket Addiction

I have been wanting to make a basket since a very long time but somehow I couldn't start one...It was only after getting inspired by Tanna's "basket therapy” that I kick started one and seriously !!seriously!! it's addictive!! you just cannot stop at one. A project which gets completed in just a matter of time and guess what I am thinking of starting another one... Small things in life give such a lot of pleasure....

There was a pile of left over cotton yarns which had accumulated since a year now and I was thinking of a project to utilize them....As I was browsing through blogs , I came across a post from Bunny Mummy where she had utilized leftover yarns in making bowls and so I came up with this idea of making the basket out of these leftover yarns.

I am really bad at photography and therefore I have started checking out different features in my camera to develop my photography skills. When I complete a project I am in a rush to click pictures completely forgetting about the technical things which are involved in taking good pictures. But now I have made a point to click good photographs of my projects. 

I hope I have got some good shots of this basket.

Lots of love, 



Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A baby cap

Today I don't feel like writing anything just want to bombard you with pictures of my adorable niece Shania wearing a cap I made for her...

 Oh I miss her so much!!! Its a shame I get only weekends to spend with her... 

Monday, 4 August 2014

Star Afghan

Monsoon is in full swing here in Mumbai , its pouring heavily and the climate is amazing... Its perfect time to snuggle inside the warmth of your blanket with some crochet and coffee...Last weekend I , along with some of my friends went to Lonavala , its a hill station approx 96 km from Mumbai... It is every year that I visit this place during monsoon.. I can never get enough of its lush greenery and waterfalls... I felt so refreshed It was such a relief a much needed break …

There has been a lot of crocheting these days and I am so happy about it. I completed two of my unfinished projects one of which is this little star afghan which of course is a gift for Shania. I had started this one ages ago when my sis-in-law was expecting. It is really embarrassing that it took such a lot of time....but Shania got this just in time as the climate here has become cooler now...

You can find the pattern for this over here  and here are some pictures of my darling baby with the afghan..

Lots of love